Water Banking Projects Joint Operations Plan

The Kern Water Bank Authority, the Kern County Water Agency, and Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District each owns and operates groundwater banking and recovery projects (collectively the “Projects”) (see Figure 1). The Projects have developed a Joint Operations Plan to address possible impacts related to groundwater level declines during extended stored-water recovery operations by the projects that occur during droughts.

During recovery operations, the Projects monitor groundwater levels and conduct forward-looking modeling to help determine expected groundwater levels in the Projects’ area. If recovery operations are expected, a map showing the projected depth to groundwater for the year will be provided. This information will help landowners recognize potential problems before they arise, which may help to prevent water supply impacts. Additionally, the Projects may financially assist landowners with these issues under certain circumstances.

Please contact any one or all of the Projects’ representatives listed below if you have any questions about the Projects. Working together, we hope to minimize potential impacts during extended recovery operations.

Jon Parker

Kern Water Bank Authority



Michelle Anderson

Kern County Water Agency



Dan Bartel

Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District



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